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Lehra Studio

11.22 usd

How long has the market needed this product? Finally, an app which allows hours of solid tabla riaz with authentic Sarangi, and Santoor lehra accompaniment. Introducing the worlds first real lehra mobile application for tabla players. Lehra Studio provides live lehra accompaniment for tabla riaz and solo classical performances.
An experienced team of developers, tabla players and world renowned musicians have combined forces to create a revolution in Indian lehra technology. The lehra have been carefully and meticulously crafted to ensure the original essence of the Sarangi and Santoor sounds are retained. With Lehra Studio, every tabla player can now experience a real live-simulated environment during their riaz sessions.
Lehra Studios first rollout boasts an extensive file library which includes real Sarangi and Santoor lehra, recorded in over 15 different varieties of raga. This rollout also includes Teen Taal, Ek Taal, Jhap Taal and Roopak Taal, and covers a wide tempo spectrum ranging from Ati Vilambit to Drut.
Lehra Studios clean and clever interface, with built-in features, packs a punch. This includes a scale changer to allow pitch manipulation of the lehra from A# right upto the E semitone. The interface has a fine tune slider, which allows the tabla player to tune the lehra according to their individual tabla sound. The Lehra Studio tempo controller ranges from 30 to 240 beats per minute. The beat counter is accurate and assists the tabla player with keeping precise tempo. The lehra and tanpura volume bars allow for fine manipulation of volume according to every tabla players unique preference.
Whether you have just started playing tabla, or are a seasoned professional, this app is a must-have for all tabla players.